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Opening times: Monday-Friday 9:00-19:00.

Psychology is the discipline that studies human behaviour and mental processes through various methods of research and empirical observations. 

It explores concepts such as:





How the brain works



Personal relations


The unconscious 

It analyses the three dimensions of these processes: cognitive, affective and behavioural. 

It is also concerned with feelings, sexuality and the stages of human development, as well as behaviour, vocation, work and social phenomena.

Sport Cardiology Unit

Sport places demands on the body. In this unit, we test heart fitness regarding people’s involvement in sport. This will include tests such as stress (ergometry) and gas consumption testing, which will provide fundamental information: maximum exercise capacity and ventilation thresholds of fatigue for training.

At International Medical Center we provide a cycle ergometer and a treadmill, as well as the most complete software for data analysis.

This unit provides the athlete with the necessary medical support for greater sporting performance in optimal health conditions.

Medical team: Dr Cristian Casseus 

Languages: Spanish and English