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Opening times: Monday-Friday 9:00-19:00.

The nursing staff at IMCJ provide immediate healthcare for patients.

They are the first image of IMC that patients see, as they handle telephone enquiries

and welcome visitors to the centre.

They are also responsible for assisting the doctors during consultations.

Portfolio of services:

  • Analytics
  • Injectable treatments
  • Helicobacter pylori testing
  • ECG scans
  • Taking blood pressure
  • Urine testing
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Fluid therapy 

Vaccination Centre and Traveller Care Office

At International Medical Center we have a modern vaccination centre where patients are seen on the spot without the need to arrange an appointment.

The patient attends with the prescription from his or her doctor and the indicated medication is then dispensed. We are actively involved in prevention campaigns focusing on diseases such as influenza, pneumonia, meningitis, etc.

At the Traveller Care Office we attend to patients travelling to distant and exotic locations. Once all the information has been obtained, the specialist doctor determines the right vaccination to be given. Analysis is sometimes needed before proceeding. 

The nursing service operates Monday-Friday 9:00-19:00.

Team: Nursing: Nicola Hälbig and Cati Ramis 

Internal Medicine: Dr José Luis García García 

Languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, German