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Opening times: Monday-Friday 9:00-19:00.

Internal medicine is the speciality that provides full and comprehensive clinical care for patients with health problems. It is concerned with diagnosing and treating

illnesses that affect the whole organism or a single organ and which do not require surgery.

This department deals with and co-ordinates various specialists who are needed to obtain the right diagnosis and treatment.

Portfolio of services:

  • Medical check-ups.

  • Clinical care for people with multiple health problems.

  • Care for people with acute or chronic illness.

  • Infectious, systemic, autoimmune and vascular diseases, etc.

  • Clinical care for people in the palliative stage of illness.

  • Care for surgery patients during their hospital stay.

  • Care for patients with no accurate diagnosis.

Medical team: Dr García

Languages: Spanish, Catalan, French and English.