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Opening times: Monday-Friday 9:00-19:00.
Bienvenida de la gerente

Our slogan: ‘Best Healthcare’

Welcome to International Medical Center.

Our doors opened in late 2015, with the determination to become a benchmark in the industry – a private centre created by and for private patients of the Red Asistencial Juaneda Healthcare Network.

With a few years of experience and sustained growth now under our belt, we have adapted to the demands put to us by patients, and have developed care services and products aimed at meeting their needs.

We would like to bring about changes in the established custom of only going to see the doctor when unwell. At International Medical Center we are advocates of preventive medicine, caring for one’s health, improving both physically and mentally. Wellbeing.

With the aim of providing the finest service, we have become an exclusive centre where patients receive a differential treatment and enjoy access to the main medical specialities.

One of our competitive advantages is our close connection to patients, when the situation calls for it, from different points of view. The experts in our multidisciplinary team work in close collaboration with one another, as a second opinion is highly valued, as well as creating a holistic, overall vision of health.

We strive not only to set the benchmark in the healthcare sector for international patients in Mallorca, but also to be the best option for national patients as well. And patients reward us with their trust.

Our team is made up of renowned, prestigious professionals and specialists who have trained in different countries and have an excellent track record.

This page explains our care services, as well as access to exclusive treatments created just for you.

We hope that your next choice in caring for your health is International Medical Center.

Beatriz Arnau

Director International Medical Center